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Bashed and left for dead by Neo-Nazis. kicked out of the country Minh Duong becomes an Australian Citizen and completes the CPA Australia program in 2022

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In June 2012 Minh Duong an international student studying in Melbourne became the victim of a vicious, unprovoked, racial attack by three members of a Neo-Nazi group. On his way home from work one night he was savagely kicked, punched and stabbed before being bashed with a brick with such force that the brick broke in two. He was left to die in the gutter.

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Music teacher Adrian De Luca heard of the attack on the news and contacted Minh to offer him free piano lessons. Adrian organised a trip to Vietnam for Minh to visit his mother in Vietnam.

At the airport Minh’s student visa was ripped up and was ordered to leave Australia banning him from returning.

Immigration lawyer David Bongiorno offered pro-bono representation.

A petition collecting 89,740 signatures was presented to then Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, who responded personally to Minh Duong’s case.

In 2015 Minh graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from Swinburne University.

Over the next few years;

Minh completed his professional year in Accounting and began working for Navitas Professional, where he was sponsored for permanent residency.


In July 2021, with the help of David Bongiorno Minh become an Australian citizen.


On May 2, 2022, Minh Duong will celebrate with his peers at an upcoming Certificate Presentation Ceremony for CPA Australia at Crown Promenade Melbourne.

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Minh plans to tour Australia inspiring others with this incredible story.

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