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Meet The Team

Adrian De Luca
Director / Founder

ME 1.jpg

Adrian De Luca is a dynamic musician, educator, and composer who has made a lasting impact on the music industry. With his exceptional talent and dedication, Adrian has embarked on incredible musical journeys across continents, touring Indonesia, Italy, and Spain.

In addition to his global performances, Adrian's contributions to music education have earned him prestigious recognition. His passion for teaching and commitment to excellence led to his nomination for the ARIA Award's Music Teacher of the Year. This nomination highlights Adrian's exceptional teaching abilities and the positive influence he has had on his students.

Adrian's impact extends beyond the classroom. His dedication to supporting others has been acknowledged through his nomination and selection as a finalist for the esteemed Pride of Australia Medal. This recognition reflects his selfless contributions and the profound difference he has made in the lives of others.

As a musician and composer, Adrian's captivating compositions and arrangements have delighted audiences worldwide. His work with renowned production company Fremantle Media, including his involvement in "Australia's Got Talent," showcases his ability to create engaging and memorable musical experiences.

With a wealth of experience in music education, Adrian's teaching philosophy emphasizes celebrating diversity and instilling a love for music. He has inspired students of all ages, preparing them for exams, auditions, and performances. Adrian's dedication to fostering a positive learning environment has left a lasting impact on aspiring musicians.

Daniel Baldi

Daniel Baldi.jfif

Daniel Baldi is a highly accomplished professional known for his unwavering commitment to efficiency, innovation, and dedication. With a diverse skill set and vast experience in the telecommunications industry, Daniel has established himself as a prominent figure in the field.

Throughout his career, Daniel has showcased his expertise in various areas, including project management, sales, pre-sales, microwave network engineering design and support, technical requirements development, and technical training. He has a profound understanding of the intricacies of microwave technology and its application in network planning and capacity planning.

As the CEO and co-founder of bluNEXUS, Daniel has played a pivotal role in the company's success. With a focus on transmission network design, optimization, and system management, bluNEXUS offers innovative solutions, support, training, and development services to operators, manufacturers, and industry-leading network design tools. Daniel's leadership and drive for excellence have contributed to the company's ability to enhance customer work efficiency and cost benefits.

Throughout his career, Daniel has worked with renowned organizations such as Comsearch, the International Telecommunication Union, Ericsson, and Il Globo, honing his skills in areas such as software development, troubleshooting, and communication. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian, which has facilitated effective collaboration with international partners and clients.

Daniel's passion for embracing emerging technologies, developing groundbreaking marketing initiatives, and providing top-notch technical expertise has positioned him as a respected professional in the telecommunications industry. His commitment to training and mentoring further demonstrates his dedication to sharing knowledge and empowering others.

With a proven track record of driving innovation and efficiency, Daniel Baldi continues to make significant contributions to the telecommunications sector. His ability to navigate complex challenges, deliver optimal solutions, and foster strong client relationships sets him apart as a dynamic and influential leader.

Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe
Steering Committee

Michelle is the Director of Melbourne based entertainment agency Bloom Entertainment by Design.  Established in 2011, Bloom Entertainment by Design is a boutique entertainment agency, working with some of Melbourne’s best musicians and performers.  Michelle and her team work with clients to find the best fit for their event.  Working alongside reception venues, restaurants, festivals and independent artists and shows, Michelle ensures that the show goes off without a hitch!


Michelle’s previous careers cover working in mental health, homelessness and disability services as a youth worker, direct support worker, health educator and manager of a team of 50. Her experience and depth of community knowledge drives her to continue being involved in non-for-profit based entities and assisting with charities and assisting those in need. Michelle’s experience in business and management means she has the knowledge and drive to make things happen! She continues her commitment to assisting those in need by being represented as a board member on non-for-profit charities and by using Bloom Entertainment as a conduit between entertainment and those in need.


Thomson Ch'ng
Steering Committee

Thomson's Profile Photo.jpg

Thomson Ch’ng is an award-winning international alumnus and the NSW Convenor of the Asian Australian Alliance - a grassroot advocacy network that advocates for the interest and needs of the Asian Australian community. He is currently an advisory committee member for the Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia (FECCA) Youth and an executive committee member of the Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association (AMSA).

Prior to this, Thomson was a delegate of the inaugural United Nations Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya, where he co-drafted the Youth Declaration on Quality Education, which was presented at the high-level official meeting of UNCTAD 14. He co-convened the ASEAN-Australia Education Dialogue (AAED) - a track II diplomacy platform that aims to strengthen Australia’s education and training sectoral relationship with key stakeholders in Southeast Asia.

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